Practical information

Documents required
Although Britain has not acceded to the Schengen agreements, to arrive in London just a passport or identity card valid for expatriation. Visas are not required, but can not be excluded at the border controls. Children under 16 years may be entered in the passport of a parent, guardian or other person authorized to accompany them.

Health and Hospitals
Italian citizens who travel to London are entitled to free services provided by First Aid British public. To know what is the structure closest to you, you can call the toll free number 100. For health care on the place, you have to drop by your local health authorities of the city or the E111 take you behind the badge of the NHS. In London there are “Walk-in Centre” of the national health service offering advice, information and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. You do not need an appointment and inspections are carried out by qualified nurses. In London there are 8 well-marked centers. If you need medicines, bring a card of your disease and the generic names (not just commercial ones) or get a letter from your doctor stating the details of the drug you need, you can be helpful at customs or in pharmacies.

These hospitals are open 24 hours a day:
Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith underground station. Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, South Kensington tube station, or bus N 14 or 211. Guy’s Hospital, London Bridge tube station. Royal Free Hospital, Belsize Park tube station. Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel tube station. University College Hospital, Euston Square tube station. For toothache, Dental Services, Eastman Dental Hospital, King’s Cross underground station.

Currency: the Pound
England did not join the Euro. The current currency is the pound, every pound (£) are one hundred pence. Notes come in denominations from £ 50, £ 20, £ 10 and £ 5. The coins are available at £ 2, £ 1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. The Euro-Pound exchange rate is not fixed, and depends on the money market. It is better to check the current rates on a specialzed website like In London you can bring all checks and cash as you like. In London are accepted international credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or American Express. You just have to see it used in the room where you intend to pay. Please note: London is normal that traders are engaged in higher prices for those who wish to pay by credit card.

In London, speaks English … Italian, Spanish, Indian, Pakistani, Jamaican and many other languages. But the fact that the British are the “owners” of the most important language in the world, it forces you to ensure compatibility. Do not expect someone to give you directions in Italian, although the city is populated by all peoples of the planet. Then studied at least the basic phrases with our basic vocabulary.

Time zone
Greenwich, the town that gives the reference time in the world, is located here. The Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from Italy to London is +1. This means that if in Italy it’s 9 o’clock in the morning, in London it is 8. A small change should not affect your lifestyle.

Climate and average temperatures in London
The classic image of English that comes out in August with a raincoat and umbrella is pure invention. The Londoners are so resigned to the variability of their time that no longer worry of carrying around these accessories. No coincidence that there is a Londoner who says that “London is not the climate, there is time.” Do not worry about it, but talk about it a lot. The weather is so variable, although statistics say that in July and August there should be 18 °, also happens to have 27 or even a light snowfall. So as not to be improvised to find, even in summer bring warm clothing and a waterproof jacket. For those who like numbers, here are the average temperatures of each year. January-4 February-March 4 to April 6-May 8-June 11-July 14-August 16-September 16-October 14-November 11 to December 7-5

The police emergency number is 999. London is a fairly quiet, but like all cities have problems microdelinquenza, especially against tourists. Simple precautions will avoid to spoil the holiday. First, let in the safe of the ‘hotel (with a written receipt) all cash, credit cards and valuables that you do not. Make photocopies of documents and credit cards: you will need in case of theft or loss. When you go around London, do not help thieves by putting in plain sight wallets, cameras and cameras. Pickpockets are most prevalent in areas crowded with tourists, especially the metro. If you go in the Soho area, possibly invite you to attend sex shows then spennarvi well. Some escorts will ask you to advance money in exchange for sexual favors, and then disappear.

Alcohol and drugs
In England it is forbidden to sell alcohol to persons under 18 years. Children under 16 or 17 years may only consume alcohol if they are seated at a table in a restaurant, provided that the meal is not consumed in the bar area, but in the local area intended to serve meals. Drugs. England has banned the possession of drugs. Remember that is illegal possession of narcotics and drugs including cannabis, hashish and marijuana.

If the accounts are added to the service (10-15%) can also avoid tipping. If the service is not normally included adding a tip of 10-15% of the restaurant bill, for the rooms leave something for the service plan. Some restaurants reported in the income which should be a tip for the service. 10-15% of the tariff is also the reference for tipping taxi drivers.

Timetable commercial banks, foreign exchange and tips
Normally banks in London are open from 09.30 to 16.30, even if the time is decided by individual banks. Many agencies have opened 24 of 24 rooms where you can get a range of services through ATMs. Some banks are open all day Saturday and some are open for a few hours on Sunday. All banks are closed on holidays. In England, the Euro does not circulate, then return to the old exchange rate. If the banks are closed, there are exchange offices in large department stores, some large travel agencies and hotels. Remember that all operators are required to clearly display the exchange rates and full details of fees and commission rates. Shopping hours. In Britain, the shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 17.30. Large shopping centers are open until 18.00, on Wednesday and Thursday the opening hours will be extended until 19.00 or 20.00. Some shops are also open for six hours on Sundays between 10.00 and 18.00, but is not a fixed rule. Balances. Historians Londoners leave balances, as in Italy, in the days after Christmas and continue through January. Who has not seen the kilometric queue to enter the department store Harrods? The month of July is normally a summer sale, but the dates are dependent on resales. Many stores have a corner of the opportunities that sell products at reduced prices throughout the year.

Telephone and mobile phone – call to and from Italy
To call from London to Italy, we must put our country code +39 followed by landline or mobile phone. To get a call from Italy to London, which must include the prefix is 0044 followed by the number where you are staying fixed or mobile phone. The area code for central London is 020. For phones, there are no problems. When you enter the British territory on your operator will automatically connect to the English, which has entered trade agreements. To call from public booths, you can use coins, credit cards or international calling cards. The minimum charge for a phone call is 20 pence, and returns only the coins in use, and avoid the “big boys” such as coins of 1 or 2 pounds.

To bring along the family pet, you must prove that your dog and cat lives in the EU for at least six months, they have a microchip and have been vaccinated against rabies with an inactivated vaccine and have undergone blood tests at a recognized veterinary laboratory. Finally, they must have received treatment against parasites between 24 and 48 hours prior to their embarkation for the United Kingdom.

In Britain, the voltage is 240 v, but all the appliances work perfectly Italian. But we need to carry around an adapter plug and / or electric converter for appliances because English is taking a two round holes.

Useful numbers
100 Operator (free advice on domestic services)


The emergency number is unique: it is 999 and need to call police, firefighters and ambulances. There are emergency points scattered throughout the city. In railway stations in Victoria (Adjacent to Platform 15), Waterloo 1 floor, Plaza Medical Center (120 Oxford Street); Bank Medicentre 1-6 Old Jewry Street, Fenchurch Street 150 Fenchurch Street Medicentre. In case of emergency and to call an ambulance dial 999.

Cost of living in London
Arriving in London you can have some sort of monetary shock. Compared to Italy, things cost double or triple. For Londoners is normal, because the salaries are adjusted to costs, for an Italian vacation to London, no-check their own costs, can be transformed into a continuous back and forth from the offices of exchange. Here are some examples.

1 star hotel room: 100-120 euros
3-star hotel room: from 120 euro to rise
Ticket for the Metro: 2.5 to 4.5 euros
A pint of beer: 4-6 Euro
A snack at the pub: 9-15 euros
A normal meal in a restaurant: 25-40 euros
A meal for two in an average restaurant: 60-80 euros
Going to the movies: 10-15 euros


London Pass
To save in London, you should buy a sTravelcard integrated with the London Pass. The Travelcard is the most convenient way of moving in the subway and other public transport. It ofa card, valid every day of the week. With Travelcard you can get on and off at will from almost all public transport in London: the subway, suburban trains, the DLR and buses (including night buses). The card is valid to get if you take the underground from Heathrow and London City Airport by bus or DLR connected to the meter. The Travelcard can be bought at stations or online from the official site . There are two types of travel cards: one valid for travel in zones 1-2 (where are concentrated the most important monuments) and valid throughout the urban area of London (zones 1-6). You can buy card valid for 1.3 or 7 days, at a cost of 6.30, 18.90 or 41 pounds. The period of validity is indicated on the card. Travelcards are valid from 1 to 3 days from 9.30 am until 4.30 at night. That from 7 days without restrictions. Together with the London Travelcard can also acquisitare pass which allows free admission to 50 monuments and discounts for restaurants, theaters, museums. In this case, the combined package costs 33.30 pounds for a day, for three 45.90, 93.00 for 7. With Travelcard also entitles you to 33% discount on ticket prices for the boats on the Thames. Along with the card you will also receive a guide to attractions convention.