FAQ MEANS  “Frequently Asked Questions” or frequently asked questions from users.

Q: What do I do once I arrive in London?

If you arrive during office time from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday ’till Friday’, you can come straight to the   agency.we will  give you the keys of the house/flat  or  info about directions  how to going there.

If you come at different opening time   agency, we will give you directions to going  directly into the accommodation.

Our staff  speaks english and  Italian  as well, so will give you ‘directions and info based of your request .

It ‘s better to get in London , before  from this time period you can send a text message or noticed before.

If you came out of the office in times of week are provided supplement of £ 30.00 and £ 50.00 for the weekend so we suggest to stay out and presented to the agency during opening hours.

Q: Can I use the ATM, credit card or italian Postepay ?

Sure you can use both of them, but make sure that the foreign service functions from italy and check the fees that are generally high.

However, we suggest to  bring cash to cover the first weeks and then open a  new Bank account in a British Bank.

Q: How long is  during  the package?

The accommodation package during  2 months but 4 months for the job service .

The only penalty for those who break the period of 2 months or 8 weeks will be ‘a loss of deposit if not given notice of 15 days before .

Q: How much money should I start?

Depends on your esigenze.if u  have booked a single / double, room  and that are ‘around £ 130.00 / 90.00 (all inclusive) per week we require 2 weeks of deposit and prepaid rent then 2 x 4 = £ 90.00 £ 360.00

Considering that some employers pay the first paycheck after 2 weeks restraining the first week, others pay the first 2 weeks without holding back anything, others after the first month and then, to live the first period must have at least £ 600.00 – £ 800.00 for the first 2/3 weeks.


Q:  where are the accommodations?

The accommodation in flatsharing (share house/flat )  are located in 2 -3 area . Accommodations are generally provided with wireless internet, washing machine and heating.

The kitchen and bathroom are shared with other students or professional people .

Rooms are full furnished with bed, pillow, duvet, whardrobe .  There are different kind of flats or houses, some of them in very good conditions and others in very bad conditions . 

Q: Can I choose the area where  will I go  to ‘live?

Unfortunately no, the room is assigned based on availability at the moment.


Q: How long has to be waiting to get a job?

Generally to find a job is necessary max 2 weeks’ time. In London  every day is possible to find job

Q: What kind of job can I do ?

This depends on your curriculum vitae and your work experience .. the most popular job ‘required are dishwashers, bartenders, waitresses, commis chef etc. .. you need just humility and kindness to find it very quickly 

Q: How much can I earn?

Depends on the work you follow and you can have a look on our web site menu wage and salary section.  the average  wage is between  £ 175.00 to £ 250.00 per week to work as a waiter, bartender, dishwasher, up to 350/500  ‘for a chef or sous chef.

Q: can I take a job as a dishwasher?

With a salary of £ 200/250 pounds per week you can spend it well, that if you work continuously without interruption. You need 65 to 85 pounds a week to rent the room if you opt for a place in double or triple, and approximately £ 29.00 pounds for the Oyster (weekly subscription to the metro) this means that you are left with about 120 / 140 pounds for a living.

Q: Can I find a job   if my English is bad?

Yes, you can find a job as a dishwasher,commis waiter and chambermaid (chambermaid). with very good level of English iyou have more chance to find a good job. .

We recommend to attend an English course to try and improve the level of English for 2 weeks

Q: can I survive with a part time job_?

Considering that the average wage for an adult andis  £ 5.30 . the weekly salary for full-time is between 200 and 250 pounds for a common job without specialization (waiter, busboy, dishwasher etc …) , but it became  difficult  with a part-time, because u can earn only half ‘, about 100/130 pounds x week . u can  cover the costs of accommodation and meals but it’ s difficult, almost impossible to pay for a good school ‘s English.

Q: can I find a job for sure ?

There are Several factors come into play to so-called “interviews” (interviews) as past experience, physical presence, character, English skills, empathy with the HR manager or chef.

More ‘times’ that happened in the same interview and ‘taking of the person who had less experience and less English than another was much more’ prepared.

Important requirement: a lot of good will, ‘humility’, punctuality ‘seriousness’ and so to show up at interviews impeccable.

Q: Can I choose the area where I  work and time?

Not always, because ‘the job and time are assigned to London based on the actual demands of the moment, we can be satisfied only qualified personnel.

Generally  the interviews are in zone 1,2,3 but can ‘also happen to be in zone 4 0 5.

Q:  have I  medical care in the UK?

Italy is part of the Communities’ Union and, therefore, in this country we have free health care.

We will give you all the information on how to access the English Health Service.

Q: Schools are recognized by british council?

All schools with whom we work are recognized and, therefore, empowered to prepare students for exams are recognized around the world as the “IELTS” TOEFL “,” CAMBRIDGE PET, FCE, CAE, CPE “.

Q: what  half  I to do  if the first job goes wrong?

Sure, if I m dismissed for reasons not depending on your will ‘, and is within 4 months of membership we help you and give you other interviews.

Q: Will I be able ‘to combine an English course with a job?

In general, people who work full time can attend an English course of 4/6 hours per week.

Q: What ‘the N.I.N.?

The National Insurance Number corresponds to our tax code, but also pension and insurance functions.