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Flights to London

London has 5 airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stansted, Luton. The most important airport is Heathrow, which is located about 24 km from the center.

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The big companies and low cost flights daily connect the major Italian cities with regular flights to London.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, a veritable city of travelers, with 90 airlines connecting 183 destinations. Arriving at Heathrow Airport you can reach the center of the city by this means.

By train
The Heathrow Express is the train that leaves directly from the two stations of the airport, the terminal 1-3 and that of 4. Every day, from 5:00 am until 23.30, in 20 minutes to central London to Paddington without any intermediate stops.

In metropolitan
The line connects Heathrow with central London is Blue, Piccadilly. With this line revenue in the London underground system and you can move between the different lines to get to your destination. The metro is the cheapest way to travel but it is less convenient than the Heathrow Express. Trains run every few minutes starting from 5:00 am until about 23:45 (20:50 on Sundays). The journey to Piccadilly Circus takes about 50 minutes.

Bus from Heathrow
National Express buses depart from the bus station at Heathrow and connect with Victoria. Because of traffic, the trip can last from 45 minutes to an hour. The first race starts at 5.30 am, the last at 21.30. Coaches leave from Victoria Station from 7.15 am to 23.30. At night, the only connection available is the N9 bus leaving every 30 minutes to Trafalgar Square.

On leaving Heathrow is a large square full of cabs (so called blacks in London taxi cabs). Remember these rules: If the taxi takes you into the city center of London, the amount payable is that which indicates the meter including extras for the night or on holidays. Taxi drivers who are licensed to Heathrow can not even agree to take you farther than 10 km from Heathrow Airport. If your destination is located in the city center, you must pay the amount indicated on the meter, if you take out the center, you must first negotiate the cost of transportation. The transfer from Heathrow takes about 40-50 minutes and costs 40 to 60 pounds. (60-80 euros)

Gatwick Airport

After Heathrow, Gatwick is the largest airport in London. It is located 45 km from the center and has two terminals connected by a train. It is not directly connected to the metro line, but you can get from Gatwick to the center using these means.

If you arrive at Gatwick you can reach the station via the Gatwick Express escalators and elevators that met outside the terminal. The first train leaves at 4.30 am, the last about 1 .35. There are about 4 trains per hour, but during off-peak times it goes every 30 minutes. The Gatwick Express to Victoria Station takes 30 minutes non-stop. The ticket for an adult in second class costs 14 pounds. From Gatwick Thameslink trains also depart, arriving at the railway stations of London Bridge, Blackfriars and King’s Cross. Trains depart every 30 minutes and tickets cost £ 10. Finally, the trains of the South Central Trains between Gatwick and Victoria Station every 15 minutes during the day and every hour between 1 and 4 am at a cost of £ 8. The journey time is 45 minutes and the train arrives at both terminals.

Bus from Gatwick
Every hour the buses depart from Gatwick dela National Express connecting the airport to Victoria Station. The trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes with departures every hour. On the way there are stops at Hooley, Wallington, Mitcham Junction, Mitcham London Rd, Streatham, Stockwell and Pimlico. The ticket price is about 5 pounds.

The official taxi operator at Gatwick is Checker Cars, tel: +44 (0) 800 747 737. Take only cabs authorized (as blacks) and ask in advance the cost of travel. Take a taxi is a kind of investment: usually up to Victoria Station costs around 80 pounds.

Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport is the destination of almost all low cost flights arriving in London. It is located 54 km from the city center and to reach the city center you can use these means.

For quick access to central London should use the Stansted Express The first trains depart at 6:00, the last at 23.59. At peak times there is a train every 15 minutes (from 8:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday). In quieter times there is a train every 30 minutes. The journey time is 45 minutes and costs about 25 pounds. The trains stop at Tottenham Hale station and then to Liverpool Street.

By bus
The National Express runs 24 hours on 24 the airport to Victoria Coach Station, en route stops at Golders Green, Finchley Road (Metro), St John’s Wood, Marylebone, Baker Street, Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner. The journey time is one hour and 40 minutes. The buses leave every hour and the ticket costs 16 pounds.

By taxi
The official taxi company at Stansted Airport is the Airport Carz. The fare to London is between 50 and 60 pounds.

Luton Airport

The London Luton Airport (LTN) is one of the London airports where they land almost exclusively scheduled flights. Luton is situated 56 kilometers north-west London. You can reach the center of London with these resources:

The Thameslink provides regular links to important stations of central London, as King’s Cross, Farringdon, Blackfriars and London Bridge, Brighton. To reach the train station in Luton you have to take a shuttle from the airport every 8 minutes. Trains run from 7 to 22, Monday to Friday and from 9 to 22 on Sunday. The journey takes 30-40 minutes. The shuttle is free but a ticket for the train costs about 11 pounds.

The ‘Luton Airport is connected with the Victoria Station from Greenline 757, there are stops at Brent Cross, Finchley Road, Baker Street and Marble Arch Buses operate from 3:00 am until midnight and depart every 20 minutes . The journey time is one hour and 10 minutes and the ticket costs about 3 pounds.

At the exit of Luton Airport we are the English classes cab. Ask and negotiated in advance the cost of travel; avoid unauthorized taxis. The two companies are: Alpha Taxis: (01582 595555) and CABCO Taxis (01582 736666)

For the Disabled
We recommend to travelers with disabilities to contact the Thameslink at least 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for travel. Tel: +44 (0) 845 330 3648. Greenline Buses are not equipped to accommodate disabled people in wheelchairs.

London City Airport

While arriving at this airport mostly short haul flights and dedicated to the business, it may happen that the tour companies they land at London City Airport (LCY). The only airstrip is located approximately 9.5 kilometers east of central London only 4.8 km from Canary Wharf. Poil center with these facilities.

The airport is connected by subway / DLR (Docklands Light Railway) on the London City Airport, take the metro line leading light of the DLR to Canning Town Underground Station. From there you enter the system of the London Underground (Jubilee Line) and you can move freely around the city.

After the opening of the DLR and the shuttle buses that departed from the airport have completed the service.

Even at London Airport are taxis at the exit. Negotiate the cost to London is around usually around 20 pounds.


What seemed impossible a few years ago, is now a reality. Getting to London by train. It starts from Paris or Brussels and in about 2 and half hour to reach Waterloo station in London. The ticket price is 223 euros one way and 415 round trip. Trains run from Paris every day, every hour.

Starting from Milan are seven hours by TGV to Paris and then three hours of high-speed Eurostar to London, via the Channel. The TGV connects Milan to Paris (Gare de Lyon) 2 times daily trains to London leave from the Gare du Nord instead of every half hour and arrive at Waterloo station londonese after three hours of travel. Tickets cost a / r in second class Milan-Paris costs 160 euros, which must be added the Eurostar from Paris to London, and prices start at 145 Euro. For more information, visit:


Solution is not recommended given the length of the journey (London is 1250 km from Milan) and the cost, in addition to gasoline, provide passes for sveizzere highways, tolls or salty than the French and the ticket for the shuttle train from France to England . In any case, the shortest path passes through Chiasso, Lucerne, Basel, Srasburgo, Reims, Calais, where we take the Eurotunnel to lie on the other side in a little over half an hour. the fastest connection is offered by Eurotunnel between Folkestone and Calais. For more information, see
Do not forget that in Britain they drive on the left!


Arriving by ferry to London is very complex. Prices vary depending on time of year and sometimes even the hour.

On longer routes, and at night you must book a couchette or a chair, with a consequent increase in the price.

A ticket from Calais to London costs about 130 pounds. In high season the price may go up to 350 pounds