Mobile Operators

No problem to use your phone in UK, just watch out for roaming, could prove very expensive!

How to Call in London

The codes have been changed  in London on 2000. The old codes were 0171 and 0181 . they don t exist  anymore and have been replaced by a single prefix: 020. The international code to call the UK is 0044.

If you want to contact a London number and you’re in London, you half just to omit the code area  (020) and digit  only the last 8 cifries . Of course, If u calling from outside  UK there is  the rule to remove  0, so if you are calling from Italy, u half to digit 0044 followed by the number without  0. For example, to call us at 020 76368344  from Italy  just type 0044 2076368344

Mobile Operators

Call especially when you are ‘away for a long time ,now, it became not a very common practice , but need to live  at work and in the emotional sphere, so it ‘important to try to save money and choose the best  contract with a rate allows you to not be afraid to lift up the handset.

There are many telephone operators, each with different bids, some of them are very chip for international calls to other national ones, but all ‘with services such as sending free text messages or low cost calls to other operators or to  the same partners.

The most important are:

All these operators have different plans , you will surely find what you need within these companies. To buy a new sim card,  you can go straight to the company or  to some shops, often run by Indian staff, where you will find all operators. In England,  sim cards are not registered as in Italy, no one will ask ‘a document at the time of purchase.